• Welcome to Schmid & Son Packaging, Inc. Schmid & Son Building. Welcome to Schmid & Son Packaging, Inc.
  • Unrecognized Value Services. schmid & Son building. Unrecognized Value Services Schmid & Son can be an extension to your operation. Find out how!
  • Assembly & Packing of Displays. Pop Display. Assembly & Packing of Displays We can create and assemble your very own POP display in a efficient, timely manner.
  • Hand Assembly. hand Assembly. Hand Assembly Schmid & Son has experienced personnel to hand assemble any product you wish.
  • RF Clamshell Sealing. Clamshell. RF Clamshell Sealing Schmid & Son can tackle your RF clamshell sealing needs.
  • Blister Packaging. blister packaging. Blister Packaging We can provide you with blister packaging services and the materials you need to complete your project.
  • Shrink Wrapping/ Overwrapping/ Poly Bagging. shrink wrap. Shrink wrapping/ Overwrapping/ Poly Bagging Schmid & Son can cover all of your shrink wrapping, overwrapping, and poly bagging needs.
  • Skin Packaging. skin packaging. Skin Packaging In addition to providing you with the practiced service of skin packaging your items, Schmid & Son can provide you with the skin cards needed.
  • Contact Us. Contact us Contact Us Like what you see? Contact us!

Packaging is our business and performing is our promise!

Schmid & Son Packaging, Inc. is here for all your packaging needs – short or long term.  Having been around for over 30 years, we have the expertise in a wide variety of areas. We have had experience with an assortment of products ranging from software to sporting goods, catheters to colognes and much more.

Schmid & Son is FDA Registered to handle Over the Counter Drugs and primary-packed food and we are GMP compliant -allowing us to provide a greater number of services to our customers. Not only can we take on your operation, but we can also provide you with additional warehousing, material handling, and much more!

We have what it takes to bring your project from the design to the retail shelf.

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